We set up Glasshouse Digital because we believe we can do things better. 

Dodgy digital marketeers and so called strategists or growth experts have been roaming the web unchecked for far too long. This has come at the expense of businesses both big and small who have fallen victim to these crooks. 

Something needed to be done. Where was the gold standard by which all online marketers could be benchmarked against?  

We truly believe in a future where businesses see exactly what their agency is doing for them and are getting real measurable results that actually provide them with a return on their investment. 

     At Glasshouse Digital, we are a different breed.

    Our mission is quite simple, it’s to deliver the best strategy, marketing and technology to reach, engage and convert your customers, wherever they are. 

      True Story: We want to work with clients who value the same things as we do

      Values we live by: 

      1. We value people first - We build long lasting relationships that are built around openness and mutual respect. 
      2. Transparency & Honesty Win - There will never be a time that you don’t know what work we are carrying out for your brand. Also if we feel something is not working, we’ll tell you. Then we’ll put it right. 
      3. We are ROI Obsessed - Increase in revenue is nothing unless it’s profitable. We strive to deliver profit increases, and not vanity campaigns. 
      4. It’s not all about profit - Some people call it that warm fuzzy feeling, for us it's part of being human and doing our part in this world. At Glasshouse Digital, we believe in giving back. For every project we win, we dedicate 6 Hours back to the community or a monetary contribution to a charity of your choice.