Facebook Advertising: The Fantastic 12

The way we look at both Facebook & Google Advertising is that the latter helps connect prospective customers with your brand, whilst the former helps connect your brand with new prospective customers, whilst also engaging with your current customers.

 At Glasshouse Digital, we are a big fans of Facebook Advertising, if executed properly the results can be highly profitable. The targeting capabilities of Facebook Advertising are truly extraordinary and no other platform comes even remotely close in this department.

 With Facebook Advertising there are a number of different ad types, choosing what ad works best for your business comes down to understanding what your goals and campaign objectives are. Are you looking to increase brand awareness or you are looking to promote a new store that you have just opened up, or are you just simply looking to increase the level of online transactions.

 Once you have figured this out, there are a number of options that are available to you, as demonstrated below:

12 Different Ad Types on Facebook: 

App Engagement Ads:

App Engagement Ads on Facebook are designed to generate and stimulate activity within your app amongst your existing or current users. It is a great way to keep your existing users informed about the latest updates and features on your app.

App Installs:

App Install Ads on Facebook are focussed on new users, and as the name suggests it is designed to showcase the app’s core purpose and main functionality with the objective of getting the user to download the app.

Brand Awareness Ads:

Brand Awareness ads on Facebook are designed to expose your brand to as many people as possible on Facebook.

Store Visits:

Store Visit ads on Facebook allows brick and mortar stores to create campaigns that target users located in specific geographic locations. In order to use this ad, Facebook requires you to have set up locations on your Facebook Business Page. This type of ad provides users with directions to your brick and mortar store.

Local Awareness:

Local awareness ads are great for businesses that have a new store opening or want to boost awareness around existing stores.

Website Conversions:

Website conversion ads are designed to encourage users to click on your ads and convert immediately. Before you select this goal, it is important that the Facebook Pixel you have implemented on the website has fired at least 20 times for this particular conversion otherwise Facebook is going to find it extremely difficult to serve ads to people who are most likely to convert.

Clicks to Website:

 Clicks to website ads represents the most common type of ad and is almost the default setting for most businesses. This type of ad is built with the objective of driving traffic to your website. Within clicks to website ad, you have a number of creative treatments at your disposal such as Carousel or Video.

Event Ads:

Great format if you have an event coming up and really want to drive the level of awareness for that event but more importantly boost attendance.

Offer Claim Ads:

Offer Claim Ads on Facebook are a great way to promote a unique offer to a targeted audience.

Lead Generation Ads:

Lead Generation Ads on Facebook allows you to capture key user information such as email or phone number plus other key details without requiring the user to leave Facebook. The great thing about Lead ads is that most of the information is already pre-populated, so in most cases all the user needs to do is click the submit button.

Page Like Ads:

Page Like Ads on Facebook are used to build the size of your Facebook community/ following base. You are better of creating an engagement ad with a focus of boosting a really cool piece of content, and asking any individuals who have engaged with that particular post to like your page by sending them through an invite.

Post Engagement Ads

When you are looking to increase the engagement of your content.

When it comes to Facebook Advertising, a large part of our success at Glasshouse Digital is through running a number of different controlled experiments, where we test a number of different elements such as:

  1. Headline

  2. Ad Copy

  3. Link Description

  4. Imagery

  5. Call to Action

  6. Target Audiences

 By doing this it ensures that we are continuously testing with the aim of delivering the most optimised and most profitable ad to the marketplace.

 To find out more about Facebook Advertising and how we can help, click here. Glasshouse Digital is a digital marketing agency that is based in Auckland that is founded on the principles of transparency, honesty and drive. 

 Contributor: Shehan Wijetillake (Head of Customer Experience) 

 Source: Hubspot