Transparency Builds Trust, and Trust Builds Relationships.

The beauty of digital advertising is that digital agencies are no longer afforded with the luxury of hiding their real intentions or results from its clients.

It’s no surprise that consumers look more favourably towards one company over another if that company is more transparent in their operations, and consumers are even prepared to go so far as to pay more to receive such added benefits.

But the real question is, should clients of digital advertising agencies really need to be paying more to receive transparency from its digital advertising agency, or should this be a basic right or benefit that should be provided to all?

Look I understand that full transparency can be difficult and challenging at the best of times, especially when it’s within your best interests to keep your client happy.

When you commit to total transparency, you put your company in a vulnerable position, as you are opening up every layer of your business to criticism or questions that  you wouldn’t have otherwise received.

However on the flipside, transparency builds trust, and trust builds relationships. It’s that simple.

Consumers value businesses who are honest. Mistakes are inevitable in every industry, but what separates a good company from a not so good company is being able to acknowledge that you have made a mistake but more importantly communicating that you have made a mistake. Clients will thank you for it, and will appreciate your honesty and will go a long way in building a long term successful relationship.

At Glasshouse Digital, every layer of our business is transparent right through from the implementation of the campaigns through to the ongoing management of the campaigns through to the billing and reconciliation of accounts.

It’s within our best interests that clients understand the good work we do for them, and where our clients financially stand on any given month with regards to their ad spend. At the start of every month, we do a reconciliation of the previous month so clients understand the true financial position of their digital advertising campaigns.

Through our reporting, we show any unfavourable numbers, regardless of how that might be received on the other end.

Many of our clients have come from digital advertising agencies where they have received less than a desirable experience or have simply been left in the dark whilst their campaigns were put on auto pilot. Digital advertising agencies that fail to disclose where their ad spends have gone and even going so far as not receiving a signed copy of their contract. 

Whether you supply a product or a provider of a service, the basic premise remains the same, and that is consumers demand and value transparency. Being transparent in all layers of your business will only do your business good through client retention and acquisition of new clients.

For Glasshouse Digital, it’s one of the key pillars that define our business, and we go so far as to include it within our mission statement.

With digital advertising, the case for it is even more compelling. With radio you hear it, with TV and print you see it, with digital advertising the chances are unless you fall within the targeting of a Facebook Campaign or you search your ad within Google, there is a good chance you won’t see the work that is produced and put into the marketplace.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your current digital advertising agency by asking these questions, after all they should have been supplying it in the first instance.

I remember my English teacher back at college once say to me there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Author: Shehan Wijetillake.