Mobile, do you have a plan? 

New Zealanders are now spending more time online on their smartphones than any other device.

It’s now more important than ever that brands have specific mobile strategies in place, otherwise brand's fall at risk of losing customers but more importantly leaving revenue/ sales at the door.

The way consumers interact and engage with mobile devices is very different to how they engage and interact with desktop or laptop devices.

It is important to understand that consumers on mobile devices are consuming information on the go and are a lot less forgiving as they would be on desktop devices when interacting and engaging with poorly built websites that offer a terrible user experience to the end user.

When creating a mobile-specific strategy it becomes important to have an extremely detailed understanding of why your customers or prospective customers are using your website and where.

Local on Mobile.

According to Google, 88% of local searches are carried out through mobile devices. When you think about it, it makes sense, cast your memory back to when you last used your mobile device to search something, the chances are it was either researching a product in your nearby vicinity or finding the contact details of your local takeaway joint.

With more than half of mobile searches being local, if you are running a Google Adwords Campaign, it becomes wise to set up location extensions thereby allowing users the ability to see your businesses location details.

There are a number of other ad extensions that will be of benefit to you such as the following:

Message Extensions:

  1. By activating message extensions through your Google Adwords Campaign it will allow your customers to send you a text message. This extension could be activated for a number of purposes such as booking an appointment, requesting a quote, ordering food etc. They can also be scheduled to be activated at certain times of the day i.e after hours.

Call Extensions:

  1. By activating the call extension through your Google Adwords Campaign, this allows your customers to call you directly from the advert itself and eliminates the need for them to visit your website. Give your customers a reason to call you directly from the ad i.e. Your Headline might say “Call us Now for a Free Quote”

As with all things digital, measurement is paramount. Make sure that you use an attribution model that reflects the role that mobile devices play within the path to purchase.

If you are running a Google Adwords Campaign, make sure you have activated all relevant extensions. Not only is this an opportunity to provide users with more information and occupy greater real estate than you otherwise would, but in most cases, it will also increase your average click-through rate and give you one up from your competitors if they haven’t caught onto these activations already.

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