Last week we had the special opportunity to present at the Good for Business event, where we spoke about exactly this - Will Google Adwords work for my business.

The answer is, well it depends. Google Adwords, in particular, the search network can be a great fit for a lot of businesses, but that’s not to say that it will work for every business. It comes down to first and foremost understanding what your primary objective is, if the objective is lead generation then it’s highly likely that Google Adwords could work for your business, however, if the objective is brand awareness then there is other channels that may be more suited towards your goal, for instance, Facebook advertising.

For instance, we do a lot of work within the property sector and are responsible for managing the digital marketing campaigns for a number off the plan developments across the country and the most dominant and effective channel when it comes to generating online enquiries through the website is Facebook Advertising. Google Adwords only plays a very small part as part of our overall digital marketing budget. Not only are we able to generate a higher volume of leads through Facebook, but the cost per lead is also significantly lower.

Here are a few  questions you should ask yourself when determining whether advertising on Google is right for you;

  1. What is your primary objective of the campaign?

  2. Are your prospects already searching for you on Google? You can easily find the answer to this question through the Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool and it’s fairly straightforward to use. It does require you to step into the shoes of your customer and understand what search queries or phrases you think your customers might search to find you. In response, it will tell you on average how many times the phrases have been searched on Google. It will also give you indications on how much the average cost per click would be for that particular search query or search phrase. If you see that all your relevant phrases have less than 10 searches a month, then that’s a pretty clear signal that your prospects are not using Google to find your products or services, which means you might have to engage another channel i.e. Facebook to create awareness.

  3. Do you have the budget to test? You have to remember that not every click is going to result in either a transaction or lead. In order to make statistically based recommendations, you need to collect data, and that takes time. You can only optimise a campaign once you have collected enough data to understand what works and what doesn’t. For instance

    1. What keywords are driving the most amount of conversions?

    2. What keywords are driving the lowest amount of conversions?

    3. What keywords have the highest cost per acquisition and/or lowest cost per acquisition?

    4. Which ads are performing the best?

    5. Which bidding strategy is working the best? Is it CPA based or is maximise conversions or one of the many other bidding techniques available within Adwords?

    6. What keywords need to be added as negative keywords to stop our ad from triggering for any relevant searches.

    7. Which target locations are performing the best?

    8. What hours/ day of the weeks are converting the best?

All of these questions can only be answered once you have enough data. Until then, you're just making assumptions.  At Glasshouse Digital everything we do is powered by data and experience.

If you are looking to run a Google Adwords campaign, but you are in two minds, then flick us an email. We are more than happy to help you answer these questions. 

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