We are a different breed. 

We are here to deliver you the best strategy, marketing and technology to reach, engage and convert your customers, wherever they are. 

Unlike most other digital marketing agencies, we only work with a very limited number of clients.

For you, this means that we have more attention, time, and resources to focus on making sure your business gets the maximum possible return on investment. We also have exclusivity clauses with the majority of all of our clients. If we didn’t, there’d be no way to deliver you the best possible outcomes.

For every project we win, we dedicate 6 hours back to the community or a monetary contribution to a charity of our choice. 

Book us in for a free no obligation consultation. 

"We would recommend Glasshouse Digital to businesses who are looking for innovative and incisive thinking and results-driven digital media and marketing strategy"

Jim Castiglione, Developer of Element living in ellerslie.


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