Client: ContainerCo


Type: Paid Search & Website Conversion Rate Optimisation 

ContainerCo is one of New Zealand’s leading independent container storage and servicing businesses, operating at six strategic sites, which serve the four largest ports in New Zealand.

Digital marketing has always been an important marketing channel for ContainerCo, however in the 6 months prior to engaging Glasshouse Digital, they noticed their stream of online leads starting to turn stale. Even more alarming was the poor level of management and strategic direction on the account in those months.

ContainerCo turned to Glasshouse Digital, impressed with our service-led approach guided by transparency and integrity, and our dedication to providing real tangible results.

This was an opportunity for us to show just how much better we were at helping our clients do more.

The Brief:

Increasing the volume and quality of leads, while providing a superior level of service and account management on the account.

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The Execution:

In such a highly competitive industry, we instantly highlighted the importance of a quality paid search campaign.

Prior to engaging in any digital marketing campaign, we needed to first understand the industry that our client is in. We conducted a thorough analysis by reviewing competitor websites, doing keyword research, analysing site content (both client and competitor websites) and a range of other techniques employed by our team with the objective of delivering superior results.

From our research, the team at Glasshouse Digital generated a comprehensive list of PPC (Paid Search) keywords based on attracting quality and, importantly, profitable traffic to the website.

This laid the foundation to build ContainerCo’s  PPC account, specifically targeted to each business category with the objective of delivering highly personalised and hyper-targeted ads.

Product, competitor and brand based campaigns were built, negative keywords were added, checked and maintained on a regular basis with the intention of stopping ContainerCo showing up for any irrelevant searches.

We also set up a retargeting campaign to capture browsing visitors that had left the website but had not converted, something that has proven to be very successful since implementation.

We made sure there was proper tracking in place so that we were able to attribute and measure leads to specific keywords and ads, allowing us to fully understand how effective our digital advertising campaigns were.

With this information, we were able to see exactly where to decrease or increase spend, and make real inroads in reducing the cost per lead as well as increasing the total volume of leads. Through careful optimisation and constant testing of creative, destination URL’s and keywords we kept making regular changes, always looking for and testing new ways to drive overall improvement of the digital campaigns.

Glasshouse Digital didn’t just make improvements, we delivered dramatically superior results.


The Results:

ContainerCo now has a fully optimised PPC Campaign that accounts for the majority of all conversions generated on the website.

With the same digital marketing budget, we were able to achieve a 15% increase in leads in the first 6 months. Furthermore, the conversion rate from lead to sale increased significantly due to the quality of leads that were being delivered by the ream at Glasshouse Digital.

We continue to run the digital marketing campaigns for ContainerCo which deliver strong results to this day.

Client Feedback: 

“Since putting our Adwords campaign in the hands of Glasshouse Digital not only have we seen a substantial increase in the quality of the leads but hands-on personal approach from Shehan and his team have restored our faith in the Adwords industry.  Always approachable, open and honest in every aspect of the campaign”.

- Brian Wynne, National Sales Manager of ContainerCo