Glasshouse Digital, Digital Marketing Agency for Latitude Residences in Tauranga

Client: Latitude Residences

Type: Facebook advertising & Google Adwords

Latitude Residences is a six-level luxury apartment development ideally located in the heart of Tauranga’s prestigious historic precinct. With the picturesque Robbins Park between you and the harbour, an apartment in Latitude Residences promises to connect you to the very best Tauranga has to offer.


With the aim of matching the right message to the right target audience at the right time, Glasshouse Digital was able to drive the following results for Latitude Residences:

  1. The digital marketing campaigns that Glasshouse Digital built and executed for Latitude Residences generated substantially more leads than any other media channel engaged by the client.  The client was engaging in several other forms of media.

  2. The Facebook & Google advertising campaigns accounted for 68% of all leads generated on the website.

  3. The Facebook & Google advertising campaigns accounted for 89% of all new users to the website.

  4. 123% increase in the average click-through rate compared to the industry benchmark for real estate.

  5. 53% decrease in the average cost per click compared to the industry benchmark for real estate. 

To achieve the above outcomes, Glasshouse Digital continually optimised around 3 key areas.

  1. We ensured that the ads were targeting the right audience.

  2. We focused on making sure the ads conveyed the right message.

  3. We constantly tested and refined the ads.

Through results and data-driven approach, Glasshouse Digital was a key component in the overall success of the development but more importantly the development achieving the required level of sales to start construction.

client feedback:  

We approached Glasshouse Digital at the very beginning of our sales and marketing programme for Latitude Residences. We have been impressed by Glasshouse Digital’s market knowledge in this space and the willingness to listen and adapt messaging and strategy. We would strongly recommend anyone in the real estate space to approach Shehan and the team in order to refine and execute their digital marketing activities and campaigns. 

Sunil Hira, Senior Project Manager of Veros Property Services. 

Glasshouse Digital, Digital marketing agency for Latitude Residences in Tauranga