Client: Victor Apartments

Type: Facebook Advertising

The Victor Apartments are luxury freehold apartments that have been designed for sophisticated living in Browns Bay, Auckland. With a strong focus on design and quality, this stunning building will transform the town centre by bringing new life to the abandoned New World site.


The Challenge:

The concept of digital marketing was new to the client, as in previous developments they had predominantly engaged in other forms of media such as print and radio.

The challenge for Glasshouse Digital was to demonstrate the effectiveness of digital marketing by generating high quality and verifiable leads.


The Execution:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.23.16 PM.png

The above creative is an example of one of the many remarketing/ retargeting ads that were executed for the Victor. 

Similar to the approach adopted for Proxima Residences, we committed to a Facebook-led strategy with a strong focus on multivariate testing. 

The Results:

As a result of the work we completed for The Victor, we saw fantastic results which were acknowledged by the client.

  1. The digital marketing campaigns that Glasshouse Digital built and executed generated substantially more leads than any other media channel engaged by the client.  

  2. The Facebook advertising campaigns account for 88% of all leads generated on the website.

  3. The Facebook advertising campaigns accounted for 75% of all new users to the website.

  4. 138% increase in the average click-through rate compared to the industry benchmark for real estate.

  5. 105% decrease in the average cost per click compared to the industry benchmark for real estate.


“Glasshouse Digital are highly passionate about what they are doing in the digital sector. They communicated well with us at all stages of our Digital project and achieved more than what we expected. We hope to continue our relationship built through our project to the upcoming one”.

- Diana Duane, Sales Manager of the Victor