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LET'S be social.  

Social media has revolutionised the way people interact and consume content and the way brands engage and interact with their audiences. 

Today's consumer is more than happy to voice their opinion about brands and their experiences online. 

Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter require specialised approaches, and not every social media platform should be part of your brand’s armoury. 

We work with our platform partners to create hyper targeted advertising campaigns that are built around an audience first approach, creative and technical innovation and performance transparency. 

The Power of facebook advertising: 

1. Powerful targeting options that enables you to connect with and reach your desired target market.

2. Over 1.9 million daily active kiwis  users ensures that you are able to reach customers instantly via mobile.

3. Share your unique story through a number of creative formats such as images, videos, carousel and canvas ads.

what can facebook advertising do for your business:

1. Increase Online Sales - Find new customers and upsell/ cross sell your existing customers.

2. Generate Leads - Find your ideal prospects and present them with compelling offers.

3. Drive in store sales - Increase foot traffic and make it easier for people to find and share information about your business.

4. Promote your mobile app - Get your app in the hands of the right people.

5. Launching a new product or service - Generate excitement and awareness through targeted advertising campaigns. 

PAID SOCIAL: Why Use GlassHouse Digital? 

At Glasshouse Digital, we help you focus on the platforms that are relevant to your brand and your target market through specialised social media strategies that align with and support your overall marketing efforts and business goals.

We aim to deliver measurable results that are directly tied to your bottom line.  

what we do: 

1. Conversion Tracking 

2. Copywriting  & Graphic Design

3. Remarketing 

4. Custom Audiences 

5. Lookalike Audiences 

6. A/B Testing 

7. Weekly Reporting 


Glasshouse Digital is an honest and results driven digital advertising agency, based in Auckland, NZ.

 For every project we win, we dedicate 6 Hours back to the community or a monetary contribution to a charity of your choice. 


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