seo - why it's important?  

SEO is an important component of your digital marketing strategy.

Since the early days of search engines in the 1990s, brands have worked tirelessly to get their websites to the top of the search results. Today, up to 60% of most websites’ traffic comes from search engines. 

Search Engines which includes the likes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing utilize proprietary bots and algorithms to index your website and rank it alongside every other website on the web. 

These algorithms are designed with one thing in mind - To deliver the most relevant and optimal experience to the end user. Simply put, it is all about providing the best user experience. 

Our seo Approach: why use glasshouse digital 

Technical Compliance: 

  • This process involves ensuring that your website is fully visible and understandable to search engines.

Content Strategy: 

  • In order for search engines to promote your website as the answer to a searchers user query, your website must firstly provide the answer to the question being asked. SEO success is founded on a true understanding of the questions your customers are asking about your brand, your vertical and your products and services. 

Content Promotion: 

  • SEO success comes from content that is not only unique and valuable, but also holds authority. Authority is determined by how the content is shared and linked to from external sources and websites. Content promotion is best and easily syndicated through social media marketing with the objective of building conversations around the brands content and topics of discussion. 

seo: Why use Glasshouse Digital

At Glasshouse Digital, we focus on leveraging our experience as a leading SEO firm to help you successfully drive search engine traffic to your website. 

We uphold our principles of honesty, client education,  transparency and are always happy to teach our clients how we’ve improved their SEO strategy, and what steps should be taken to ensure continued success.

Glasshouse Digital is an honest and results driven digital advertising agency, based in Auckland, NZ.

 For every project we win, we dedicate 6 Hours back to the community or a monetary contribution to a charity of your choice. 


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